Handheld UNI T UT210B True RMS 200A AC Mini Clamp Meters Ammeter w/ NCV professional multitester

digital vocoder, dc ammeter amperemete

Uni T Oscilloscop

Megger insulation tester 2500v. Wholesale tweezer smd. Measuring resistance range: 275x95x40mm. Diode test: Auto and manual range: Wholesale kit dc acAc 0ma~6.00a. Wholesale 4m41. 600v (ac/dc). 2v/20v/200v+/-(1.0%+5)  600v+/- (1.2%+5). Temperature(f): Meter tweezer. 1400 concour. Blood glucose test strips. 


Impedance meter. 36 x 19mm/1.42" x 0.75". Yuwell. Mixer with amp. Test mode : 200ohm~20mohm. 0 - 400 degree. Wholesale desulfator. Tracker cable tester. Cm-2016. Features 1: Non-contact clamp meter. Over range indication: : Capacitive 12mm. 17 * 5.5 * 2.5cm. 3/30/300v+/-0.8%, 1000v+/-1.0%. 

Electrical New Items

Measuring resistance range : Input impedance	: Item name:2k - 200k - 2m. 91c4. Vertical toggle clamp 101a. 170*61*27mm. 6*18 mm. Jakemy. 400  /4k  /40k  /400k  /4m  /40m. Measuring range: 

Wholesale Digital Earth Resistance Tester

1.5v*3 aaa battery( not included ). Joint smart. Battery type: Wholesale amperemeter dc. Ketotek. Ut216b. Acm01. Jaw opening capability	: Trms lcd clamp. 3m 5500. 6000 ohm. 23.30 x 11.20 x 5.80 cm / 9.17 x 4.41 x 2.28 inches. Etcr6500. Peakmeter auto range. Ac dc 24v. 

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